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  •   Our 2nd. Annual War Bird Rally will be held on Saturday, August 8.  You can check out more info here, which is a link to Facebook/MAAC SE Zone L.
  •   Our next club meeting will be held on on Friday, April 10th.  Info on Calendar page.
  •   The 905 Squadron (Aurora Model Aircraft Club) is holding its annual Swap Meet on Sunday, April 26th at the Newmarket Community Centre.  Info on Calendar page.  More specific info in March issue of MAAC Mag.
  •   I have added a private section to the Membership> Members Information tab.  It contains the 2014 and 2015 membership list and the club by-laws.  It also includes a list of members who have not paid their MAAC fees yet.  Click on the "Members Area Only" box and use the 2015 gate code as the password, (make sure pop-ups are allowed for our site.)  This will bring up another page where you can view and/or download the lists.
  • Our Frozen Finger Fun Fly was held on January 1st. as usual.  Due to the nasty weather, not too many members attended.  A picture is posted on the Calendar page.  Next club meeting is not until February 6th.  See you all then.
  • Our first annual War Bird Rally went over in a big way.  It looks like we may have another one next year.  This time there will be more time for planning and hopefully will be attended by more visitors from other clubs.  The weather could not have been better, better than most of the summer.  There was food and drinks for all the people who attended.
  • The new runway installation has been completed and seems to be working well.  Student training has begun.  Instruction days have changed and are posted on the Calendar page.  The Spring Fun Fly was a success,-- good weather, good food, and good prizes.  If you weren't there, you missed a great day.
  • Guys, we have received ANOTHER complaint about people flying too close to their property on the east side of our field.....i.e. way past the railroad tracks.  WE MUST KEEP AWAY FROM THE EAST SIDE OF THE FARMER'S FIELD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  PLEASE USE ONLY 1/2 THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE END OF OUR FIELD AND THE RAILROAD TRACKS.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON THE FLY TO THE RAILROAD TRACKS.  THERE WILL SIGNS POSTED SHORTLY AT THE FIELD TO REMIND US ALL. (editor's note: haven't seen the signs yet)  Here are the consequences.....we could lose our field quite easily!  Can't make it any simpler than that!
  • The Dropbox that Richard Staron has created has become quite a success. A bunch of members have put pictures of their latest creations and other things onto Dropbox for everyone to see.  I have created a link to Dropbox at the bottom of this page.  Just click on the icon to take you there. You can then view all the pictures.  Send Richard an email and he will add your name so you can add some pictures of your own.
  • In order for me to keep you guys up to date on anything of importance, I need a current email address for you.   I get my information from your renewal forms that you fill in.   If your email has changed recently, please advise me of your correct one.  Just click on Contact Us above and send me an email.  It can't get any easier.

Picture/Video of the Month

Here is a video called Giant Scale RC Aircraft Compilation at LMA RAF Cosford - 2014. It looks to me like the largest RC aircraft in the world. There are some still shots at the beginning and the end along with a fairly lengthy video of many spectacular planes. By the look of things, I think there was a pretty strong crosswind.

Watch the video in HD full screen or at least Theatre mode. Just click the picture to begin.  After watching the first one, there are 2 more available. Just click on Show More below the video to select them.

Sent to me by Andre Laurent.


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