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New   Dec. 3, 2021

Hello Members, your 2022 Executive Team invite you to join a virtual Club meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 7:00 pm. This meeting will be held using one of the common online meeting tools, either Microsoft Teams or Zoom. More information regarding the format to be used and a link to the meeting will be provided in the coming days. You're probably wondering what to expect during a virtual meeting. We plan to cover a few business items, followed by a slide show presentation. Our goal is to keep the business portion of the meeting to a minimum, so we have more time for our guest speaker to present. There will be time for Members to ask questions throughout the meeting. We are pleased to have Dan Tulloch from TEMAC join us on December 14th to present a slide show and talk to you about how he restored multiple prototype planes developed by Joe Murray, founder of Unionville Hobby Supply. Here is a sample of what to expect in Dan's presentation:

New   Dec. 1, 2021

Hello Members, upon visiting the field today, I discovered our driveway blocked by farm equipment. It appears the resident farmer, Mr. John Bigioni, is once again restricting access to our field without providing prior notice to the Executive or our Leaseholder, 2465469 Ontario Ltd. Our Leaseholder representative has been advised of the situation and will be following up with Mr. Bigioni regarding continued field access, and most important, securing a Contract for the 2022 flying season. Members are advised not to visit the field until further notice.
Jeff Johnston, RCFCT President

New   Nov. 30, 2021

Our flying field at 9769 Reesor Rd in Markham is in the process of being secured for the 2022 flying season.  There will be a Virtual General Meeting on Dec. 14th beginning at 7:00 pm.  More info to follow.

New   Nov. 27, 2021

Hello Members, I am pleased to inform you the Executive Team that was proposed to lead our Club in 2022 was confirmed at our AGM held Tuesday, November 23, 2021. Thank you to all Members who supported the proposed 2022 Executive, both in person and through proxy voting. I would also like to thank my fellow 2021 Executive Team members for their hard work and dedication over the past year. Despite the challenges we faced securing our field early in 2021, and delays starting our season due to Covid 19, we still managed to enjoy a fun and successful flying season.

Your 2022 Executive Team consists of:

President                              Jeff Johnston
Vice President                       Howard Goodman
Secretary                              Stuart Cork
Treasurer                              Terence Adams
Wings Officer                         Roger Villacorte
Field Officer                           Mark Dubblestein
Membership Officer                T.J. Hwang Communication/Website         Paul Battenberg

I am confident I have assembled a very dedicated and hard-working Executive Team to support me in my role as President. We are looking forward to the challenge of assuming our roles, and we will be meeting in the near future to commence planning for the 2022 flying season. One of our primary goals will be to maintain regular communication with Members through email and other means. We would like to re-establish regular Club meetings where there is less emphasis on business and more focus on aspects of our hobby that Members find interesting. There is potential to return to in-person meetings, but if it means we get more participation through online meetings, then we may utilize the online format for the time being. One of the benefits of online meetings is that we can host guest speakers who would otherwise not be able to attend our meetings. If our membership meetings are going to be successful, it will require the participation and contribution of all members. Look for more communication from your 2022 Executive Team in the near future.

Jeff Johnston, RCFCT President


  • There is a private section in the Membership> Members Information tab.  It contains the 2021 membership list and the club by-laws as well as some meeting minutes. Click on the "Members Area Only" box and use the code on the back of your membership card as the password, (make sure pop-ups are allowed in your browser for our site.)  This will bring up another page where you can view and/or download the files.
  • In order to be kept up to date on anything of importance, your current email address has to be correct. If your email has changed recently, contact the Membership Officer.
  • Video of the Year

    Former club member Bill Shedden forwarded this to me so I thought it would be an interesting video to watch while we are all cooped up during this trying time.  Click here or on the video to see what a 102 year old man is up to.  Video is fairly large so it might take a while to download.


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